XTOOL EZ500 Review: diagnose Russian VAZ LADA engine steering

Check below XTOOL EZ500 Review: Our customer newly tested XTOOL EZ500 diagnose Russian VAZ LADA car engine, steering and climate control modules, read and clear DTC codes OK!

XTOOL EZ500 gasoline full system diagnostic tool Diagnose VAZ LADA Steps:

After I connect XTOOL EZ500this with my car, I go to “Europe” and find the car brand “LADA”.


Then click the software “VAZ V1.01” and “Select function”.

There are many modules I can diagnose: Engine, ABS, Airbag, Climate Control, Steering, Body Electronic and Immobilizer.

First I choose to check the engine module.


Choose the engine type BOSCH ME17.9.7 ECU.


I first choose to “Read Codes”.


It shows me three engine DTC codes: P0300, P0302 and P1602. And I can know what the codes mean exactly.


Then I just go back and choose “Erase Codes”. The fault codes are all cleared! And I check to read codes again, no DTC exist any longer.

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The next module I need to diagnose is Climate Control. So I go back and choose “Climate Control” then “Panasonic”.


Also read codes and clear. My car’s climate control faults are B1348, B1388 and B1861.


And XTOOL EZ500 also read and clear Steering DTC code ok! This tool has many other functions make me interested and will try and post in the coming days!

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