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XTOOL PS2 GDS Gasoline Error “License Exception” solution

Since some customers recently reported XTOOL PS2 GDS Gasoline software “License Exception” error, below is the solution for sharing! How to solve XTOOL PS2 GDS software error “License Exception”? According to XTOOLESHOP technical support engineers, you just need to format the SD card then update XTOOL PS2 GDS software to…
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XTOOL PS2/ PS90 GDS Update Information

This is the new information of XTOOL PS2/ PS90 diagnostic tool updated in March, 2016.  updated software includes diesel HINO v6.5, gasoline CITROEN v9.2, PEUGEOT v9.2, NISSAN v9.53,  RENAULT v7.2,  ISUZU v7.1, Mercedes Benz v16.21. Hope this helps.   PS2/PS90 Diesel Series HINO V6.5: Language: Simplified Chinese, English *This version (V6.5) issued…
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