How XTOOL PS701 JP read clear Nissan Infiniti G35 BCM DTC codes?

This is a success case to share with you: We tested XTOOL PS701 JP diagnostic tool OK to read clear Nissan Infiniti G35 BCM fault codes! How? Check below to know more:

Step1. Connect XTOOL PS701 with Infiniti G35 via car OBD port then power up PS701 scanner.

Step2. Choose “Diagnose” function.


Since there is no Infiniti option in menu, so we choose the second “Nissan” then “Nissan V8.1”

xtool-ps701-read-clear-nissan-infiniti-g35-bcm-trouble-code-3 xtool-ps701-read-clear-nissan-infiniti-g35-bcm-trouble-code-2

Step3. Choose “Manual” way to diagnose Infiniti G35.


Choose “BCM” Body Control Module to continue.


Step4. Choose “Read trouble code”


XTOOL PS701 Japanese car scanner soon read out all BCM DTC error codes: C1704, C1705, C1706 and C1707 Flat Tire fault codes.


Step5. Choose “Erase trouble code” and press the ENTER button to confirm.


XOOL PS701 successfully clears all BCM codes for Infiniti G35!


And there is no DTC code in car BCM module now!


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