Xtool EZ400

XTOOL EZ400 vs XTOOL EZ500: which one to choose?


This blog will compare functions and other features between XTOOL EZ400 and XTOOL EZ500. Hope it helps you! XTOOL EZ400 Scanner ($759 free shipping) XTOOL EZ500 HD ($1679 free shipping) XTOOL EZ500 vs XTOOL EZ400 Function Comparison Table: Product Name EZ500 EZ400 Full System Diagnosis yes yes Key Programming yes Oil Reset/Engine oil light reset yes yes EPB Electrical Parking Brake Adaptation…
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Comparison among X100PAD/EZ500/EZ400/EZ300 on xtooleshop.com

Product Name X100PAD EZ500 EZ400 EZ300 Full System Diagnosis yes yes Engine, ABS, SRS, AT Key Programming yes yes Oil Reset/Engine oil light reset yes yes yes yes EPB Electrical Parking Brake Adaptation yes yes yes TPS Throttle Body Adaptation yes yes yes Odometer Adjustment yes yes EPS Electric Power Steering Calibration yes yes Gear Learning yes yes ABS Exhaust yes yes ECU Reset yes yes Tire Pressure Warning Light Reset yes yes Battery Reset yes yes

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