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X-100 PRO/X-200 PRO upgrade announcement on August 16th

Adding IMMO programming for X-100 PRO: 1) Adding MAHINDRA Xylo IMMO key programming (premiere model); 2) Adding MAHINDRA Scorpio IMMO key programming (premiere model); 3) Adding Maruti 800 IMMO key programming (premiere model); 4) Adding Maruti ALTO IMMO key programming (premiere model); 5) Adding Maruti OMNI IMMO key programming (premiere model); 6) Adding Maruti WAGON R IMMO key programming (premiere model); 7) Adding Maruti VERSA IMMO key programming (premiere model); 8) Adding Maruti ZEN ESTILO (2010) IMMO key programming (starting) 9) Adding Geely Dorsett EC7 (EC7RS) Continental series smart key system 2015- (premiere model); 10) Adding Geely Dorsett GC9 (BRIO) Hella smart Key system (premiere model); 11) Adding Na Zhi Jie large 7 SUV PIN initialization / ICU reset (keys all lost) / ECM reset / learn state detection (premiere model); 12) Adding Na Zhi Jie large 7 MPV PIN initialization / ICU reset (keys all lost) / ECM reset / learn state detection (premiere model); 13) Adding Na Zhi Jie MASTER CEO PIN initialization / ICU reset (keys all lost) / ECM reset / learn state detection (premiere model); 14) Adding Luxgen 5 SEDAN PIN initialization / ICU reset (keys all lost) / ECM reset / learn state detection (premiere model); 15) Adding Luxgen U6 SUV PIN initialization / ICU reset (keys all lost) / ECM reset / learn state detection (premiere model); 16) Adding Luxgen S5 PIN initialization / ICU reset (keys all lost) / ECM reset / learn state detection (premiere model); 17) Adding Luxgen New M7 SUV PIN new initialization / ICU reset (keys all lost) / ECM reset / learn state detection (premiere model); 18) Adding Luxgen New M7 MPV PIN initialization / ICU reset (keys all lost) / ECM reset / learn state detection (premiere model); 19) Adding BAIC BJ40 chip key programming function (premiere model); 20) Adding BAIC BJ80 chip key programming function (premiere model); 21) Adding BAIC D20 chip key programming function (premiere model); 22) Adding BAIC X25 chip key programming function (premiere model); 23) Adding BAIC X35 chip key programming function (premiere model); 24) Adding BAIC X55 chip key programming function (premiere model); 25)…
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How to choose OBDSTAR X100 Pro Auto key programmer?

On our website, for the obdstar brand, there are many products And for x100 pro, there are three ones, which one should customer buy? and what is the difference? Today i will show you about the characters among them. Item number SK164 SK164-B SK164-C Different Function IMMO+Odometer+OBD Software IMMO+OBD Software Function Odometer+OBD Software Function Update Online Online…
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Full Package Configuration OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 Key Master

Top 4 Reasons to Get the OBDSTAR x300 pro3: 1.Full Package Configuration: Immobiliser + Odometer Adjustment +EEPROM/PIC+OBDII+EPB+Oil/Service reset+Battery matching 2.OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 Language Available: English 3.Software Update: Free update online for 1 year on official website 4.OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 function including F-100 Mazda/Ford Auto Key Programmer OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 Advantages:…
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Odometer Adjustment and OBDII New Product X300M

OBDSTAR X300M Software update: Free update for 1 year on official website www.obdstar.com Language: English X300M is another new odometer adjustment tool launched by OBDSTAR. It’s designed completly according to industrial standard.It’s easy to take away and shockproofed. OBDSTAR X300M Vehicle Coverage: AUDI/VW/SKODA/SEAT, BENTLEY, BENZ, BESTURN, CHRYSLER(CHRYSLER/DODGE/JEEP), CITROEN, FORD, FIAT,…
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