XTOOL EZ300 Review diagnose Audi A5 Engine Transmission

XTOOL EZ300 review here to show you: How diagnose Audi A5 engine and transmission, read & clear DTC codes and show live data by XTOOL EZ300 Engine ABS SRS Transmission TPMS Four System Diagnostic Tool? check below:


XTOOL EZ300 diagnose Audi A5 engine procedure

First, use the main cable and the VCI Box to connect XTOOL EZ300 with Audi A5.

XTOOL EZ300 connect with car diagram


Next, power on XTOOL EZ300, go to “Europe” section and select “Audi”.


Wait it download the firmware 100%.

You can see XTOOL EZ300 Audi engine control unit function main menu:

Engine Control Module, Transmission Control Module, Brake, Airbag and Tire Pressure Monitoring

Choose “Engine Control Module” to scan first.


Then, the menu show as below: You can check ECU information, trouble codes and live data.


Click “ECU information” and it show Audi A5 engine ECU info.


Back to click “Trouble codes” and find engine has no DTC codes stored.


Back to click “Live data” and wait about one minute before it’s available.

After that all car modules and systems options are ready, you can select which one to view or directly click “Select all” to view all data!


XTOOL EZ300 shows Audi A5 engine ECU live data:

xtool-ez300-review-diagnose-audi-a5-engine-transmission-10 xtool-ez300-review-diagnose-audi-a5-engine-transmission-9

XTOOL EZ300 diagnose Audi A5 transmission procedure

The procedure is similar to above.

XTOOL EZ300 display Audi A5 transmission ECU information

xtool-ez300-review-diagnose-audi-a5-engine-transmission-11                          In this case, there is also no DTC codes stored in transmission ECU!

XTOOL EZ300 Four System Diagnostic Tool link: