XTOOL PS701 JP Diagnostic Tool Review: read clear DTC codes fast

In this blog I will share my personal reviews on a professional Japanese car scanner XTOOL PS701 JP diagnostic tool. I successfully used it to read and clear DTC codes for Infiniti G35, Toyota Highlander SUV and Nissan TIIDA.

Why I purchased a XTOOL PS701?

Since my family has three Japanese cars, one Infiniti G35, one 2003 Toyota Highlander SUV and a 2006 Nissan TIIDA. And I don’t want to pay dealer a big deal of money for just a simple daily issue… I noticed there is a professional diagnostic tool for all Japanese cars called XTOOL PS701. So I decided to give it a go. Ordered mine at XTOOLESHOP.COM, $149 and free shipping.

Is it a good diagnostic scanner as it claims?

In my personal experience, YES! I totally tested XTOOL PS701 on all my family’s cars.

I used it to read and clear DTC fault codes on Infiniti G35 BCM module. It was fast! I chose the second “Nissan” option on menu, “diagnose”, manually choose “BCM” option then “Read Trouble Code”. It read out four DTC codes very fast. And I chose “Erase Trouble Code” all OK!

xtool-ps701-jp-review-clear-dtc-codes-6 xtool-ps701-jp-review-clear-dtc-codes-2 xtool-ps701-jp-review-clear-dtc-codes-3 xtool-ps701-jp-review-clear-dtc-codes-4 xtool-ps701-jp-review-clear-dtc-codes-5

I also used XTOOL PS701 JP to clear fault codes for Toyota Highlander SUV when I replaced the YAW rate sensor and there were 4 codes stored in computer.

For Nissan TIIDA I also chose the second “Nissan” option to clear error codes, all OK as well!