Latest XTOOL HD900 Heavy Duty Scanner Information

XTOOL HD900 Heavy Duty Diagnostic scanner is now available on xtooleshop. This heavy duty scanner is a good choice for workplaces to repair vehicle. Here shows more details about this new HD900.

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XTOOL HD900 functions list:

Read diagnostic trouble codes

Clear diagnostic trouble codes

View live data

O2 sensor test

EVAP system test

Retrieve vehicle information (VIN,CIN,CVN)


XTOOL HD900 Main Interface:

XTOOL HD90 Interface


XTOOL HD900 functions:

Do OBDII diagnosis by choosing the corresponding vehicle protocol.


XTOOL HD90 Functions xtool-hd900-heavy-duty-truck-code-reader-4 xtool-hd900-heavy-duty-truck-code-reader-5

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