Comparison:XTOOL X100 Pad VS EZ500 VS EZ400 VS EZ300 VS PS90/PS80

There may be a hot discuss about XTOOL EZ500 and XTOOL PS90. Some people are confusing about what is the difference between them.


XTOOL EZ500 is a full-system diagnosis for gasoline vehicle. EZ500 provides extensive vehicle coverage for most US, Asian and European makes, which makes it the best solution for workshops.


PS90 sale outside of China while EZ500 is more methods to purchase.


Here is a table to compare XTOOL X100 Pad, EZ500, EZ400, EZ300 and PS90/PS80. Hope this could help you to know more about them.



  X100 PAD EZ500 EZ400 EZ300 PS90/PS80
Full System Diagnosis   Engine, ABS, SRS, AT
service light reset
EPB Electrical Parking Brake  
TPS Throttle Body Adaptation  
Odometer Adjustment    
steering angle calibration    
Gear learning    
ABS Exhaust    
ECU reset    
tire pressure warning light reset    
Battery Reset    


Here is a post comparing XTOOL EZ400, EZ400 PRO and PS90:

XTOOL EZ400 PRO VS Xtool EZ400 VS Xtool PS90