Xtool Pad 2 best price: Amazon, ebay or other sites?

Topic: where to buy good Xtool Pad 2 at best price? Amazon, ebay or other sites?


Xtool Pad 2 price on Amazon:

$979 (incl. KC100 adapter)

$760 -$820 (not incl. KC100 adapter)

xtool pad2 price on amazon

Xtool Pad 2 price on aliexpress:

$978 (incl. KC100 adapter)

$726 -$764 not incl. KC100 adapter

xtool pad2 price on aliexpress

Xtool Pad 2 price on ebay:

less than $900 (incl. KC100 adapter)

Over $700 (not incl. KC100 adapter)


Xtool Pad 2 lowest price is here:

$885 free shipping (incl. KC100 adapter working with VW 4th & 5th IMMO)


$695 free shipping (not incl. KC100 adapter)


xtool pad2 price on xtooleshop

As you can see, Xtool Pad 2 best price is on http://www.xtooleshop.com.


Who are http://www.xtooleshop.com? Is it reliable?

Yes, of course, it is authorized dealer with original xtool products, which can update online.


Why the price is lower than Amazon, Aliexpress and Ebay?

Because the xtooleshop.com is a store, the supplier doesn’t need to pay commision as Amazon, ebay and aliexpress.