XTool IOBD2 Bluetooth Scanner display Engine data on Android tablet

This is my personal review on XTool IOBD2 Bluetooth diagnostic scanner. And I will share with you how I use this cheap little scanner to display the engine data on Android tablet. My car is a Subaru Impreza 2008.

xtool-iobd2-bluetooth-scanner-engine-data-subaru-2 xtool-iobd2-bluetooth-scanner-engine-data-subaru-1

First, I download the app for this device and set up pairing quickly. Then I plug Xtool IOBD2 Bluetooth scanner into my car’s OBD port and turn ignition on.


This app shows me vehicle information: car make and year…


I hit “Setting” icon. It has many items like language, hardware, connection and unit…


I hit “Diagnostics” icon and find many ECU options.

xtool-iobd2-bluetooth-scanner-engine-data-subaru-7 xtool-iobd2-bluetooth-scanner-engine-data-subaru-6

And I go to hit “Dashboard”. I can see engine speed, vehicle speed, fuel consumption and coolant temperature…


Besides this Xtool IOBD2 Bluetooth can show me a distance travel time, average speed, totally mileage and oil consumption. That’s good!

xtool-iobd2-bluetooth-scanner-engine-data-subaru-10 xtool-iobd2-bluetooth-scanner-engine-data-subaru-9

And it seems to have many other data options available, but no test.


I hit the last icon “Graphic” and it shows me engine speed in graph.


In a word, this XTOOL OBD2 Bluetooth scanner is good for analyzing engine data. And it may help do some daily diagnostics. I think it’s worth the price.


  1. Simple to use and install, most cars have an ODBII port below the steering column
  2. Engine data galore
  3. Well made companion app


I would have preferred that a random Bluetooth PIN code, printed on the unit so you had to see it to connect to it. But still works just fine.