Steps to get Renault pin code when making key with Xtool X100 PRO

This post will provide 3 ways to get Renault pin code when making key with Xtool X100 PRO.

Let’s firstly read one user feedback: he got one original Xtool X-100 X100 PRO to make key on Renault but have problem, he got prompts “Please input pin code” and had no idea how to get the Renault pin code (see picture as below).



3 ways to get Renault pin code

  1. pin code offered by the dealer:

Go to the dealers and ask for pin code.

  1. Buy Renault PIN Code reading to read pin code via OBD2

The professional Renault PIN Code reading, which read out renault pin code; read data from Immobilizer controller and show the pin code on the screen of the device directly, besides this tool is able to program key after reading pin code.


PIN Code reading and Key programming procedure:


Start PINReader.exe Ver 3.12 Select from Model Selector “Renault UCBIC” -> “Megane I (8 digit PIN)” or “Scenic (8 digit PIN)”. Click
“Program Key’s” for PIN reading and Key programming…


For more details, browse this:

  1. Reading pin from dump

If you can’t afford a tool to read by OBD2, try to read pin from dump / eeprom, the experienced technicians say by dump is easy, less than 1 minute job, unless of an OBD solution which is cheap.

If you are not experienced, it doesn’t matter. You can learn and practice, practice makes perfect.