New XTOOL X100 X-100 C program key for Citroen C Quatre 2009

New arrival Xtool X-100 C key programmer is tested OK to program a new key for Citroen C Quatre 2009 on iPhone 6S IOS via Bluetooth. Here is the procedure for your reference.

First download XTOOL X100 X-100 C for Android IOS app form the Apple Store then connect it with iPhone via Bluetooth.

Open the app, click the “Immobilization” icon, choose “Citroen”→ “Immobilizer” → “Select from vehicle” → “Quatre”

Xtool-x100-C-program-Citroen-C-Quatre-key-via-iphone-5 Xtool-x100-C-program-Citroen-C-Quatre-key-via-iphone-1 Xtool-x100-C-program-Citroen-C-Quatre-key-via-iphone-2 Xtool-x100-C-program-Citroen-C-Quatre-key-via-iphone-3 Xtool-x100-C-program-Citroen-C-Quatre-key-via-iphone-4

Click “Program keys” and it will remind you after this action, all keys will be erased. Press “OK” to continue.


Enter the security code.


Press “OK” to confirm.


Input the number of keys you want to program.


Now turn ignition off, press “OK” to continue. Insert the new key within 15 seconds then turn ignition on.


Soon it will show you “Program success”. Turn ignition off and pull out the key. And a new key for Citroen C Quatre 2009 is made successfully by this new Xtool X-100 C Auto Key Programmer for Ford, Mazda, Peugeot and Citroen.