How to Use Xtool X300P X300 P Engine Diagnostic Tool

How to Use Xtool X300P X300 P Engine Diagnostic Tool

1.Functional Selection of Home Page

Use the up/down key and left/right key to switch, select the corresponding function and click OK to enter

2 Services
Select services, you can select special functions by pressing up/down key, press OK key to enter.

3 System Settings
Select options to enter, you can choose WIFI settings, language settings, unit settings, software upgrades by up/down keys

3.1 WIFI settings
Enter the WIFI settings, click OK to open the WIFI switch, connect the WIFI, click OK to enter the password, and then press the trigger button to connect, as shown below.

3.2 Language settings
The operating system of this device supports multi-language switching: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Polish and Italian.
Select the language you need by pressing the up/down button and switch by pressing the OK key, as shown below

3.3 Unit settings
According to the demand, select Metric or British system by up/down key and switch by OK key, as shown below

3.4 Tip sound settings
According to the requirement, select whether to open the button prompt tone by up/down key, and switch by OK key, as shown below.

3.5 About
On the page, you can view the current software version and hardware version number.