XTOOL X100 Pad Can’t Work after Update


One of our user reflected that X100 Pad can’t work and just appear “XTOOL” after update.


User: Can you help me with my xtool no start just said xtool in the screen. So I don’t what is wrong? Only I did use one time and today I want use but no working. When I turn on the tablet it asks me for updates and after updating. just turn on the main screen with the xtool logo but it does not work.

I send you a picture an image of the tablet. After accepting the update and wait for the restart. That was it appears on the screen of the tablet.

xtool x100_1

How to solve this problem?

You could reinstall the system to get your XTOOL X100 Pad back.

Step1: please download reinstall file through the following link

Step2: put the reinstall file in the desktop of x100 pad

Step3: send the ID and password to us, we will operate via long-distance control.


Here is the link of the reinstall file: