Xtool PAD3 WIFI Connection

One of our customer who own a Xtool X100 PAD3 

WHen you use it to active, it show the wifi connectin timeout

Here is the message from customer


hello im having issues adding wifi network to x100 pad3, message :wifi connection timed out” i want to activate the scantool, without internet access it cannot be done.

the x100 pad3 shows activity for wifi connection but stays loading for a long time and nothing happens. is there a configuration to set up an ethernet connection to the x100 pad3?

i tried that does not connect at all
3 days after receiving scantool kept trying to pair it with router i even got a new router thinking my old linksys was outdated, still no connection, the scantool does not appear on the routers dhcp list when trying to pair wifi devices….

For this problem , we consult with xtool factory engineer ,they informed that the WIFI module is something wrong

So need to repair