XTOOL IOBD2 Bluetooth Scanner Review and User Feedback All Here  


In this blog you can see many user reviews and feedbacks on XTOOL IOBD2 Bluetooth Scanner. Check below parts to know more about this little useful OBD2 scanner!


I like XTOOL IOBD2 for two reasons:

It worked perfectly on 2013 Mercedes! I could read the “unrecognizable communication” code from transmission and reset the alert. It saved my wife a $50 trip to the dealership!

And both Android & iOS Torque apps are free for user! Not like other similar products, they charge additionally for app.


The tool is great! It detected an error code on my 2005 Focus, even my mechanic’s professional scanners could not detect although the CEL was on.


It allows me to know instant fuel economy, trip fuel consumption… The Live data is nearly real-time. It can even read engine codes and clear them. DTC codes come with full explanation. I use XTOOL iOBD2 for below cars OK:

2008 Honda Civic Hybrid (1.4-I4)

2008 Honda Fit S (1.5-I4)

2006 Lexus GS430 (4.3-V8)

2004 Dodge Ram 1500 4×4(4.7-V8)

1996 Ford Mustang GT (4.6-V8)


I tested it on a Porsche Cayenne GTS 2013 and worked fine. After I tested on Mitsubishi Eclipse 1995 and OK too!

It is really easy to use! Just plug it into car OBD port, open Torque app, pair Bluetooth and I have car info right away. Tested this OK on iPhone 6s Plus Bluetooth 4.0!


My GMC truck has engine warning light and DEF level indicator associated with the engine software error that my local GMC dealer can’t seem to fix. Finally this little scanner helps me out to monitor and clear the error codes when DEF level indicator threatens to restrict my speed or shut me down.

My car a 1997 BMW 318i 4-door got check engine light on. I tried this XTOOL IOBD2 to read out 3 Error codes, 2 problems which I knew about and a 3rd one I didn’t know about. Then it cleared the codes and turned off engine light successfully!

The service engine soon light came on my BMW X3 and the dealer wanted to charge $144 just for diagnostics. Instead I bought this $45 XTOOL IOBD2 Bluetooth and it helped me to identity the issue with the exhaust solenoid and fixed the problem by myself without going to the dealer!