Where to buy Xtool EZ400 Pro at the best price?


Xtool EZ400 Pro Amazon? Xtool EZ400 Pro Ebay? I don’t think so as long as you can get the original one at the best price from the reliable seller such as www.xtooleshop.com.


Here we go one by one how to judge www.xtooleshop.com is the reliable seller?

  1. Original Xtool products authorized dealer (Contact at sales@XtoolEShop.com for the authorization certificate), in other words, EZ400 pro can do what the Xtool factory claims, meanwhile the user need not worry about the future update, besides don’t worry the seller disappear if the tool is illegal.


  1. Sells at the best price.

Xtool EZ400 Pro Amazon sales at $510-$800, Xtool EZ400 Pro ebay sales at $550 -$800.

Xtool EZ400 Pro xtooleshop.com sales for $499 or less if promotion.



  1. Professional service

Authorized dealer with professional service, the shop has one engineer, customer service and after-sales stuff etc.


  1. Payment and shipment is reliable.

The optional payment is diverse including Payment, western union, TT etc.


The shipment way is diverse too, incl. DHL,UPS and more..



In a word, choose www.xtooleshop.com you will feel easy from the beginning of purchasing to using the EZ400 pro.