What is the difference between Xtool PS2 HD and Xtool PS2 GDS?

xtool-ps2-gds-gasoline-bluetooth-diagnostic-tool-3You can see on our website, there are two Xtool PS2 devices.The pictures look same and are they really the same one? No, actually not,today i will tell you the difference between them,then you can make good choice when you buy the devices.

First let us see the xtool ps2 HD device,Xtool PS2 HD Professional Automobile Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Tool 

You can see from the name of the product, it is for trucks.

Then let us see the PS2 GDS. XTOOL PS2 GDS Gasoline Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool , this one is special for cars

So the mainly difference is the model, one is for truck and one is for car.

I think this is easy for you to understand now.

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