Upgrading program for OBDStar original X-100+ consumers

Since now, the original X-100+/X-200 would not be sold, otherwise, it shall be regarded as the piracy!

Being responsible for the original X-100+ consumers, you can buy X-100 PRO host separately as follows:

1. The overseas consumers shall directly provide the boot image, power on- system information of original X-100+, take the picture of the information and send to us;

2. We will register new X-100 PRO host in the background of website, conduct the cancellation processing for the original X-100+, and send to the consumer. In order to save the freight charge, you do not need to return original X-100+ host;
3. The configuration for new X-100 PRO host software remains unchanged, and you can enjoy 3-years software upgrading service for free;
4. The consumer shall bear the freight charge of X-100 PRO Host;
5. The accessories of original X-100+ can be used for X-100 PRO, such as main line and connectors;
6. The original X-100+ software upgrade is stopped due to the infringement;
7.Please send us the picture,details of the address and telephone No. to Email:sale@obdstar.com
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