SUZUKI WAGON R 2004 add key? go to Xtool PAD at cheap price


I have a SUZUKI WAGON R 2004 1.3 petrol, ECU 33920 – 83e1, eeprom 93C56, I am looking for a tool to do IMMO OFF.the customer has lost the keys…..!wVRHSbRS!Bx12GpopxEjUl37rAT9goH5ZlNTXa6kV1d_dRxXvJLE


Way to try:

  1. Not possible to immo off mate if u have any tool like tango or x100pro can make key in 2 sec if u use x100pro u need pincode 20 dig x4digit pin from the delear,if u use tango very easy without problem u can add key.

Unfortunately I do not have tango, x100pro.


  1. If u need to do immo go for Xtool PAD is cheap.


  1. Another tool is good but expensive go to zedfull both are good tool.


Finally, went to the cheap Xtool PAD from

Attach 3 pictures:

xtool pad xtool-x100-pad-program-suzuki-key-001 xtool-x100-pad-program-suzuki-key-01