Solution to EZ500 Fail to Communicate after update

One of our customer contract us for his XTOOL EZ500 went wrong after he update the device. It shows “Fail to communicate” when using Add a key, All keyslost and PCM Immobiliser(PMW).



Hello Jenny,
I received the EZ500 yesterday, but it does not work on my application.
I made all the updates, I checked one more time for updates and it says “all software is up to date”
I connected to the vehicle again and it does the same thing.

Attached are the pictures with the error.

EZ500-Fail-to-Communicate-2 EZ500-Fail-to-Communicate-3 EZ500-Fail-to-Communicate-1



Please send us the nameplate of your car we will ask the factory for help.

car info

After check the nameplate the factory reply:

There is no problem about this update.

EZ500 shows “fail to communicate ”when it is not support the car model.

We will add this function in the next update version. Please wait.


If you have any question when using our XTOOL Brand product, please contact us, we will try our best to help you.