Solution for Xtool X100 Pro2 White Screen Problem!!!!

How to solve Xtool X100 Pro2 White Screen Problem ?

I have issues with my xtool, it’s not working, when you select something it not show nothing on the screen… What can I do?

1.When i connect device with vehicle, and then select”IMMO,OBDII,DASHBOARD”,



Nothing Appeared


Step 1: Connect PRO2 to a Windows PC, find the memory card, and format it.

Step 2: Log in the upgrade tool and click upgrade (During the upgrade, please do not operate the key of the machine or disconnect the data line. After the upgrade prompt is successful, unplug the data cable and reconnect it.)

Kindly Note: during update, please do not press any button on the device or take off the usb cable, once finished ,please take off the usb cable and reconnect to use