Introduce one diagnostic tool for trucks

Xtool company release one powerful device, it named Original Xtool PS2 HD Professional Automobile Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Tool ,this machine is special for trucks and it is high quality with low price.

Well let us see why it is so perfect

1. Update: Online (Website) and Original from Xtool
2. No Need To Connect With PC,Support Car year before 2010,and few part of car year after 2010
3. New added car model such as Caterpillar, Mitsubishi Fuso, Scania, Volvo, Isuzu etc.

Here is the device :

1. Outward Appearance, The Obverse Side and The Reverse Side:
ps2 main unit
2. The Upward-Side Connection of The Main Frame:

ps2 upside

Power Switch: Uses for starting and closing of main engine
USB Connection: Uses this connection to carry on the data synchronization with PC.
VGA Connection: Uses this connection to link the external monitor (800×600 pixels)
Main Test Connection: Uses the testing line to carry on the vehicles diagnosis.
Power Connection: Uses for the exterior power supply
Touching Pen: Uses in clicking on the touching-screen

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