How XTOOL EZ500 diagnose Ford Mondeo 2011 read clear DTC?

Do you know how to fully diagnose and scan Ford Mondeo 2011 to read clear DTC codes by XTOOL EZ500?

Tool used: XTOOL EZ500 Gasoline Cars Full System Diagnosis Tool

Steps: XTOOL EZ500 read clear Ford Mondeo DTC codes

First, connect XTOOL EZ500 pad with car via OBD2 port.

Go to America section and choose “Ford”.


Open “USAFORD V10.11” software and choose “Automatic selection”.


It will read vehicle information including car model, car year, capacity, engine type and VIN number as below:


Click “DIAG” then choose “Auto Scan” function.

xtool-ez500-diagnose-ford-mondeo-2011-guide-5 xtool-ez500-diagnose-ford-mondeo-2011-guide-4

Now XTOOL EZ500 will scan all car systems and modules to help you diagnose car. You will know which modules get fault and how many faults exist.


In this case, there are DTC codes in ACM, BCM and PCM modules. Click the module one by one to read and clear DTC fault codes.

XTOOL EZ500 read Ford Mondeo Body Control Unit DTC codes.

xtool-ez500-diagnose-ford-mondeo-2011-guide-8 xtool-ez500-diagnose-ford-mondeo-2011-guide-7

Click “Erase Codes” and all error codes gone.


Click “Read Codes” then “Retrieve CMDTCs” XTOOL EZ500 read Ford Mondeo Powertrain Control Module DTC codes.

xtool-ez500-diagnose-ford-mondeo-2011-guide-12 xtool-ez500-diagnose-ford-mondeo-2011-guide-10 xtool-ez500-diagnose-ford-mondeo-2011-guide-11