How to program Toyota Camry by Xtool x100 PAD?    


I am writing this post aiming to display how to program new remote key on Camry 2010 year up using Xtool X-100 Pad.

How to Remote Matching using Xtool X100 Pad, here step – by –step procedure:

x100-pad-program-toyota-camry-key-5 x100-pad-program-toyota-camry-key-4

Launch X100 PAD application>Immobilization>Lexus Toyota> Remote>Type 2> Program Remote

x100-pad-program-toyota-camry-key-8 x100-pad-program-toyota-camry-key-6 x100-pad-program-toyota-camry-key-7

Turn ignition on and open driver door


Press LOCK and UNLOCK together for 1 sec within 30 sec, press LOCK once


Program success


Test the new programmed remote key

x100-pad-program-toyota-camry-key-14 x100-pad-program-toyota-camry-key-12 x100-pad-program-toyota-camry-key-13