How to program key fob for Dodge Challenger 2011 by XTOOL X100 PAD?

Here is a guide to show you: How to program key fob for Dodge Challenger 2011 using XTOOL X100 PAD? Steps are easy as below:

First, connect XTOOL X100 PAD with Dodge Challenger via the Bluetooth VCI Box plugging into car OBD port.


Next, turn on car ignition, power on XTOOL X100 PAD and open main menu.

Go to “Immobilization”, find “Dodge” then select “Dodge 08-12”.


Choose “Read security code” to calculate the pin code firstly.


Soon you get the Dodge Challenger pin code “1069” as below:


Then, back to choose “Program new key”.


Follow the instructions: turn off car ignition, insert the new key you want to program then turn ignition on.

And you need to enter the pin code “1069”.


It starts to program the new key, be patient to wait the process complete.

When you see the message “Program success”, it means XTOOL X-100 Pad Key Programmer successfully make a new key fob for Dodge Challenger!