FAQ about Xtool EZ500

Q:Does the EZ500 work with or include the eeprom adaptor?
A:No,it does not have, if you want it and you can buy this one:http://www.xtooleshop.com/wholesale/eeprom-adapter-for-x100.html

Q: How many year free update i can have for the ez500? How about the later upgrade fee?
A: Usually it has one year for free update,and unlti now there is no update fee charged by the factory now
so later it maybe still free and let us wait for the news then

Q:Does it same as Xtool PS80? 
A: Yes,Ez500 is the same as ps80, they have the same function but only different name and pad surface.
It can instead of ps80

Q:Can i update it online?
A: Yes you can and the official website is www.xtooltech.com,you can update the tool and then it can one click update.