Xtool EZ300

Comparison among X100PAD/EZ500/EZ400/EZ300 on xtooleshop.com

Product Name X100PAD EZ500 EZ400 EZ300 Full System Diagnosis yes yes Engine, ABS, SRS, AT Key Programming yes yes Oil Reset/Engine oil light reset yes yes yes yes EPB Electrical Parking Brake Adaptation yes yes yes TPS Throttle Body Adaptation yes yes yes Odometer Adjustment yes yes EPS Electric Power Steering Calibration yes yes Gear Learning yes yes ABS Exhaust yes yes ECU Reset yes yes Tire Pressure Warning Light Reset yes yes Battery Reset yes yes

How to pair Xtool EZ300 Bluetooth?

3.1.2. How to pair Bluetooth Connect VCI  box  with the main test  cable, then connect main  test  cable  with OBD2  16  Pin connector or other connectors, then plug into DCL port . Do  not connect the EZ300 Tablet  with VCI box via the  USB cable.  The Bluetooth will be paired automatically between EZ300 tablet and VCI box. Switch on the ignition and turn on EZ300 tablet, then tap on EZ300 application to test vehicles..  

How to use XTOOL EZ300 Engine, ABS, SRS, Transmission and TPMS Four system scanner ?

EZ300 Activation 1.1. Please activate EZ300 before you use it to test vehicles.  1.2.  Connect to WiFi first. Input  activation code, product serial number  (each  device  will have  a serial  number  and  activation  code), nickname  (workshop’s  name  or  user’s  nickname),  login account  (can  be  your  email  address  or  cell  phone  number)  and  password, then  system  will remember it. Activation only needs to be done for the first time, and you never have to do it again. The diagnostic interface will come up after activation.

New Arrival XTOOL EZ300 Four System Diagnosis Tool with TPMS and Oil Light Reset Function

  EZ300 is a high-end and new style auto diagnostic device developed by XTOOL based on Android system. Its open source Android operating system provides fast boot-up and multitasking. EZ300 provides engine, ABS, SRS, transmission and TPMS diagnosis for most US, Asian and European makes. XTOOLEZ300 Diagnosis System Layout of EZ300: 1.SD…
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