Audi Failed Park Assist/Backup Camera System, Which Xtool Scanner Advice?


I’m in love! Purchased my first Audi…first German vehicle last year. So far it’s been great. The only issue was a malfunctioning backup camera system that came when I purchased the car. Instead of taking it to the dealership I thought why not try to fix it myself.


So far so good with Xtool VAG401 code scanner


Cleared annoying maintenance light – check (worth $45 alone)

Diagnosed my failed park assist/backup camera system control module – check ??


I was able to locate the module, took it apart, and found it was corroded due to a past water leak. I felt like a detective with my handheld device as my magnifying glass. Awesome feeling.


I’m now ordering a replacement using the exact part number off my module.


Seriously, if you want to know what’s going on with your Audi/VW vehicle, buy it.


I’ll keep you updated on the status of my repair and if this fixes the issue.


vag 401-diagnose-05 vag 401 vag 401-diagnose-02 vag 401-diagnose-03 vag 401-diagnose-04