2013 ford fusion plugin hybrid USA Pin code read failure !!! How to Solve ?

One of our customer who bought a New Version Xtool X100 PAD 

When he do test on his 2013 Ford Fusion US and read pin code

The device shows Failed.

We checked the model list and found that the vehicle is in the list and X100 PAD can support his models, but it is failed.

Then Xtool factory engineer do remote assistance for customer and told him how to solve.

Finally he solved the proble.

Here is the solution from Xtool factory

->please select Mondeo(2013-)   2016-2019  try it.

->X100PAD: V3.5.3 Download the Newest APP

Vehicle Info: Ford V27.23 -> China Ford -> Smart key system -> Mondeo(2013-) -> 2013-2016 -> 2013-2016

Software Info: EN_PS_IKFORD_V27.23

In a short, it means that customer need to change another route to test, and update the software to the newest version.